Sleep In


Hit the snooze button a few more times, being late to work is worth it when you’re just this comfy. Our sleep sets are worth skipping work for, as you’ll never feel as good as you do in our sleepwear.

To wake up feeling more refreshed, here are three tips that are easy to follow and easier to do:

  1. Sleep earlier. Obvious right? But probably the hardest thing to do when we’re glued to our phones, computers, and Netflix. Shut off the phone, put it in airplane mode, and relax. Getting that 6 to 8 hours of sleep is going to help you significantly.



2. Room temperature. The best temperature to sleep in is actually around 65 degrees Fahrenheight, according to studies.



3. Exercise. Another thing that’s easier said than done, however, studies have shown that working out during the day will help you fall asleep faster at night so go sweat it out. The benefits are worth it!





Purple Wine

2017 is in full effect and as our 2017 Collection trickles in, we want to introduce you to a few new hues that we’re loving. We have quite a few styles that are available in purple and wine, and yes, there is a difference! As you can see from the 4 highlighted styles below, one is darker than the other. However, both look amazing on anybody. Take a closer look and make sure to book your orders now before they sell out!


STM-10741: This flowy babydoll is perfect for a day of lounging around. The sheerness adds a hint of sexiness while the lace detailing gives it an elegant look that we all want.


STM-10722: When it comes to bedtime, we got the sleepwear set for you. This off the shoulder top and shorts set has lace trimming and a silky touch. What more do you need to fall asleep?




STM-10740P: If you don’t already recognize this set, then you need to pick up a catalog. This is our cover for our 2017 Collection and yes, it’s selling like hot cakes. From the strap details to the lace to the color itself, this bra set is a must-have.


STM-10735: If you don’t like PJ’s, you’ll love this romper. How much more comfortable do you need to be with this on?

Retailer Feature: Lace


1.        How did Lace  get started?

To start, it wasn’t initially going to be named LACE. We had another domain that we thought could work that had a somewhat comical approach. However, that idea didn’t make the cut since that wasn’t how we wanted our first impression to be. Our business plan describes a shopping destination that women and men can shop for lifestyle intimates. We wanted to provide a place for our customers to browse trendy styles that they could not find at the mall. This led us to Easier said than done. We negotiated. Once we acquired the domain for a sum that, let’s just say – we played hard ball for, LACE was born. From there our team went full force on creating the site that people are now familiar with. That being said, LACE is in a constant state of evolution. From where we began to where we are today there have been vast changes, improvements and developments that we continue to introduce. It is extremely motivating for our team, and exciting to announce that this past month [August] set a new company record in lingerie sales. LACE surpassed last year’s holiday numbers!

2.       What makes Lace different from other retailers? What are your goals for this year?

LACE is inclusive of everyone and our customer service alone ensures repeat buyers. We carry thousands of styles in sizes small to 4x. LACE recognizes that its customers want and love their purchases. We state directly on our site that if an order is placed by noon EST it will ship the same business day.

We now sell gift cards! Heading into the holiday season this was a given that our team wanted to have on the site. Available in $20, $50 and $100 increments, our customers can now shop and email a gift card with a personalized message attached. In addition, we just launched our loyalty program for customers. LACE Loyalty points are earned on every product, excluding gift cards, and can be used toward wishlist items or any future purchase.

We have a few other projects that will be released before the end of the year that we are very excited about and believe that they will only add to the overall look, feel and functionality of the site.

As we are still within our infancy, our goals are to continue to grow our brand and customer loyalty.

3.       What are your bestselling styles from Seven’til Midnight?

Our customers love Seven Til Midnight! Garter belts, hosiery and all the panties sell all day every day! These are items that customers buy several of and continue to return to purchase other styles and colors. We have been doing really well with all the curvy bustiers and corsets in bright pinks, greens and blues. Our team can’t wait for the holiday shipment to come it as this collection has been much anticipated around our office for its rich colors, fabrics and absolutely fantastic imagery!

4.       Do you have any promos going on right now?

Currently we have the entire site 25% off. There is no coupon required. We have changed all the prices to include the discount.

Along with price adjustments, we have just introduced our Fall lines and customers can expect to see our holiday lines by the beginning of November.

5.        What trends are you predicting for this upcoming season? What do you believe will NOT be popular?

This season women are looking for styles and pieces that they can incorporate into outerwear looks. Pieces like bodysuits and bralettes. It’s all in the details, so pieces with fun straps and accessories like harnesses that can be used to spice up a cute top will be doing well. Our customers of course love lingerie, but they aren’t just looking for bedroom attire. They are the conscious shopper who wants their lingerie and undergarments to go further and be statement pieces within their daily outfits.

Feature Friday: Patience Silva






It’s Feature Friday and this week we’re spotlighting one of the hottest models on Instagram, Patience Silva. This hottie not only has the most stunning photos, she also has an amazingly sweet and fun personality! We love her support of Seven ’til Midnight and are taken away by how gorgeous she looks in our red lace teddy.



International Lingerie Show Preview


The International Lingerie Show is upon us again, occurring Sept 12-14th at the RIO Hotel Convention Center. Of course, we’re all ready to attend and cannot wait to showcase our Holiday 2017 Collection. We will also be showcasing our Seven ’til Midnight 2017 Collection, along with our junior line, Spree. In addition, we will have show specials and goodie bags for buyers/attendees.

Here is just a preview of what to expect, make sure to stop by and check it out for yourself!


10697_editorial_b 10710_editorial_c 10711_editorial_b




Holiday 2017 Launch + Blogger Brunch


IMG_0464 IMG_0465 IMG_0466 IMG_0470 IMG_0481 IMG_0483 IMG_0487




It’s been a hectic crazy last few weeks for us at the Seven ’til Midnight headquarters as we launched our 2017 Holiday Collection two weeks ago.

We kicked off the celebration with a brunch with our favorite blogger babes of LA and OC! From the wine to the dining, we spent a great afternoon with the most fashion-forward ladies of the industry.

Inspired by the classy sass of Bridgette Bardot and the royalty of Marie Antoinette, our Holiday 2017 introduces new tones and silhouettes that are made to fit a queen.

Turning up the heat with new designs and colors, this season’s collection will make you feel like you can conquer the world – in and out of the bedroom. With luscious velvet and lace silhouettes, glam up the night with risqué reds and perfect shades of pinks.

Thank you to our sponsors for the amazing brunch and to our influencers that spent the day with us!



To find out more about the collection, visit