Feature Friday: Jenny Chu


Jenny Chu is well-known for touring around the U.S. doing car shows back in the day and is now a cocktail server at Marquee Dayclub in Las Vegas. A gorgeous girl, inside and out, Jenny has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and just finished her first surgery. Her second, a double mastectomy, is occurring on July 5th.

We had a chance to sit down with Jenny and get to know her on a deeper level. As an avid fan of Seven ’til Midnight, Jenny shares her style and tips for shopping for lingerie.


Describe your style

There are some days I wish I had a stylist because I’m a simple kind of girl. During the winter, I love to wear sweat pants and during the summer, I love to wear sun dresses. I have so much clothes and accessories, however I only wear 90% of what I own. I guess that’s why I don’t go shopping anymore.

How did you get into modeling?

It all started when a friend had asked me to model for a car show down in San Diego. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I definitely had a great run.



Do you often wear lingerie?

The only time I wear lingerie are for photoshoots, believe it or not. I usually sleep nude. My favorite type of lingerie to wear are the bra and panty sets and definitely corsets if I have someone to lace me up!

What are you favorite colors to wear for lingerie?

I think the color black suits me best. Something sexy about black.



What do you look for when purchasing lingerie?

When purchasing lingerie, I look for something that is going to make me look curvy. Lacy see-through material are great, but photographers hate photoshopping out the nipple (haha).

What do you think makes a women sexy?

Having self confidence definitely makes a women sexy. We all come in different shapes and sizes but what does it matter if you don’t believe that you are sexy?

4th of July Styles

4th of July is around the corner and what better to celebrate than with our best red, white and blue styles? We hand selected a few of our favorite pieces that are perfect for your nighttime fun on Independence Day! See below and find all styles on

4thofJuly_1 4thofJuly_2 4thofJuly_3

STRIKE Collection


Are you summer ready? Looking for the cutest and most comfortable activewear for your work outs? Our Seven ’til Midnight STRIKE Capsule is now available!

From sports bras to shorts, we have you covered. With support to keep the girls in place, we offer a variety of styles to suit your preferences. Mix and match, stock up, and get sporty with STRIKE!

30122 30123 30124 30125 30126 30128

Going Back to Back

Aside from Drake taking over the Internet, this Fall season is all about details from the fringe to the lace, we’re up to speed on what your lingerie needs should be.

As it has been said, “I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave.” This week’s blog is featuring our sexiest styles featuring back details that you cannot miss. After all, who doesn’t like a little surprise from behind?

STM-9965: Floral lace with a bit of polka dot not he sides, this chemise features an open keyhole back with plenty of sheer fun.

STM-9904: Available in black or purple, this style has a triangle cut out with bow tie detailing going all the way down. Mesh polka dot details all over this chemise gives you an added edge of fun.


STM-9854: When it comes to cleaning up your appearance, what better way then to corset it up with our traditional corsets laced in the front with a deceiving entrance on the side. The back lace-up details are all for show but allows you to adjust just how tight you want to get.


STM-10560P: There’s no doubt about how simple this criss cross back is on our romper, but simplicity is key after all. Bare backs are always in and adds a level of seduction for bedroom fun.


STM-10564: It’s not a corset but it has a lace-up back that allows you to show off just a glimpse of what’s to come. With the design following from top to bottom, there’s no way they’ll miss the exit.


STM-10568P: This is the best of the backs as it has it all. From strap details to the peeks of bare skin, this set will sure make walking away a lot more pleasurable!

Spooky Yet Sexy Styles for Halloween

With Halloween in less than 2 weeks, we want to make sure you’re coming up with the best costumes that’ll wow everyone at the party! From accessories to DIY looks, we got your go-to pieces to help craft up some spooky yet stylish outfits for the night.


You don’t need to be in Playboy to be a bunny. Any of our traditional corsets are an easy item to manipulate into any costume. From bunny to cat, all you need are the accessories to match. Yes, we have the ears to match so make sure to check out our accessories collection here.


Don’t cry over spilled milk. If you can’t seem to get it together, why not make your own version? We always love throwing in a good pair of gloves and with these bad boys, you can also keep your manicure in check.




If you’re lazy and don’t want to put too much effort yet still want to look sexy, try these costumes outside.





For more fun and treats, check out our full bedroom collection here!

Little White Laced Teddy


It’s obvious that we all need a little black dress or black laced lingerie, but since it’s wedding season – how about we celebrate this little white lace piece? Modeled by @MissAutumnMarie and photographed by Patty Gregory, we are in love with how our teddy is portrayed!

STM-9188 is a great wedding night piece or perfect for your honeymoon getaway. With underwire lace cups, adjustable straps, and snap crotch, this style is a winner for any bride! Also available in black and pink.


PattyGregory_Autumn_WhiteLace_IG7 PattyGregory_Autumn_WhiteLace_IG9 PattyGregory_Autumn_WhiteLace_IG10 PattyGregory_Autumn_WhiteLace_IG12 PattyGregory_Autumn_WhiteLace_IG13 PattyGregory_Autumn_WhiteLace_IG14 PattyGregory_Autumn_WhiteLace_IG15

Feelin’ Purple



Model: @MissAutumnMarie | Photography by Patty Gregory

Purple is the new black and we got you covered when it comes to sexy styles in this gorgeous color! We have several varieties of styles from chemises to bustier, to a gorgeous leopard printed teddy, and a hot open cup piece. Purple looks amazing on every woman and should be a color selection offered more. After all, who doesn’t like a pop of color in their wardrobe?




Model: @MissAutumnMarie | Photography by Patty Gregory


Model: @MissAutumnMarie | Photography by Patty Gregory


4th of July Inspiration

This weekend is Independence Day and with the heat that’s been going on, there’s no doubt that the less you wear, the happier you’ll be! While some of you will be poolside, we prefer opting to say indoors next to the a/c. However, our styles are made for both options and more. Take these sexy pieces from daywear to night with just a switch of skirt, pants, or shorts! Be as creative as you like and mix and match your looks with Seven ’til Midnight styles.


Style Series: STM-10517XP/Baby Got Curves

PattyGregory_Rachel_SetOne_7Our Baby Got Curves Collection is not only well-known, but one of the most favored amongst the community for the variety of styles, color options, and designs available. To maintain our size range and ensure accuracy, we have weekly fit models that come into our headquarters and try on all designs prior to production. This may sound time consuming, but a satisfied customer is our top priority.

While we often do “Style Series”, we haven’t focused or dedicated one to our Baby Got Curves styles so with the help of photographer, Patty Gregory and her gorgeous model, Rachel Setone, we styled our “Total Bliss” piece (STM-10517XP) for a relaxed, fun yet sexy look.

PattyGregory_Rachel_SetOne_1 PattyGregory_Rachel_SetOne_2 PattyGregory_Rachel_SetOne_3 PattyGregory_Rachel_SetOne_10 PattyGregory_Rachel_SetOne_14 PattyGregory_Rachel_SetOne_17 PattyGregory_Rachel_SetOne_18 PattyGregory_Rachel_SetOne_21 PattyGregory_Rachel_SetOne_25 PattyGregory_Rachel_SetOne_26 PattyGregory_Rachel_SetOne_28 PattyGregory_Rachel_SetOne_29 PattyGregory_Rachel_SetOne_30 PattyGregory_Rachel_SetOne_34

Style Series: Summer Parties

The weather’s heating up and the party invitations are adding up! Stand out from the crowd and skip the basic crop top and shorts – instead replace those tops with lace bralettes and gorgeous detailed bras that will certainly draw in attention.

With several styles to choose from, we suggest mixing things up and stocking up on your favorites. After all, who likes wearing the same bra over and over again? For day parties and music festivals, we suggest strappy details and lace trimmings. These bras work best for plain tanks or see through tops.

If you’re planning to go to any night festivities, we suggest with the 9832P lame bra set paired with shorts, thigh highs and a leather jacket. If you want a pop of color, 9819P is the perfect set and can be layered or worn alone as a top. It all just depends on how daring you want to be!

Enjoy the heat, have some fun, and go ahead and take that selfie for Instagram! Just remember to tag us @7tilMidnight for a chance to get reposted 🙂