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Shopping for Lingerie – For The First Time


Remembering back on those high school days, where lingerie shopping was embarrassing and awkward – well, it actually can still be a little worrisome considering we can easily get confused on what truly fits. With a ton of styles, colors, and prices out there, it can get complicated. So we have gathered a few tips to help ease the stress of finding that perfect bra or panty or that sexy teddy for a hot date!


  • Go With Friends: Yes, shopping with girls who have experience can significantly ease the stress. Not only will they give you advice on what may look better, but they can also help find something in the store for you. Saves time right? Besides, isn’t shopping with your friends the best anyways?
  • Research What You Want: Get an idea of what you are looking for by looking online. Researching what a store may carry and the variety can help with the pace of shopping. You will also be able to describe what you want to a sales associate if you can’t find the item yourself.


  • Try Before You Buy: Don’t jump into the purchase without really analyzing if you love it. Make sure the fit is comfortable and the piece will last you.
  • Budget: You don’t have to splurge to get a great piece, however you don’t want to wear a teddy only once either.