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Retailer Feature: Spicy Kiki


1. How did Spicy Kiki get started?

When we first started Spicy Kiki (means Spicy-Fun Party) in September of 2015, it was more to see if we could have a fun side business where we could help women of all shapes and sizes feel sexy (our friends and neighbors) while trying to positively cash flow the company in a short timeframe. It quickly became my pet project outside of my ongoing sales career. We first came up with the idea while visiting Desire in Riviera Maya near Cancun. My husband’s Ecommerce and retail software experience coupled with my creativity, put us in a a good position to start an online retailer. One that blends the style and disruption of a Nasty Gal but focuses exclusively on what women wear underneath and out to a sexy parties and/or clubs while always being mindful of price and fit.

2. What makes Spicy Kiki different from other retailers? What are you goals for this year?

Although we are new to the Lingerie and women’s apparel scene, we are quick learners and have set out to provide (out of the gates), what a lot of retailers are being forced to reverse engineer into their business model. Our website is cloud-based and is 100% responsive, meaning it adjusts to whatever device you are using, thanks to Zoey Commerce. Our foundation has been laid with an omnichannel blueprint. We are providing personalized service and support to our customers while stocking what they are telling us works for them and what is trending. Being new, there is a lot of trial and error but we are having a lot of fun.

We are not limiting our marketing to just our online store. We are also building our presence on Instagram, Twitter, snapchat and Facebook. We have hosted several local and international lingerie/bra fitting parties and are sponsoring adult-only vacation and social sites. We will soon be guests on Playboy Radio. We are already developing relationships abroad to leverage the growing need for our brand.

Our goal is to build Spicy Kiki into recognizable international brand within 3 years that is known for providing a five star customer experience while working closely with our top vendors like Seven ‘Til Midnight to supply the latest in lingerie styles. We aim to keep our customers feeling and looking sexy. This includes rolling out pop-up and boutique brick & mortar Spicy Kiki stores. As a couple, we want to be in a financial position within the next two years to dedicate 100% of our time and energy into Spicy Kiki while traveling the world to build our business and generate new business. As we look to grow our business, we are looking to secure additional capital to achieve our goals.

3. Tell us about Club Spicy

Club Spicy was inspired by the poolside conversations between couples. Club Spicy membership is an intimate online exchange of the information necessary to make sure the garments fit the customer the first time. Sending samples to our Spicy members to try on and determine best look and fit, enables us to pick out lingerie and/or club wear that the giver can “gift” regularly or on special occasions with the confidence the recipient will be able to enjoy and wear from the moment they put it on. We have quickly learned that sizing is the main component with online shopping. Subscription increments reflect the various degree’s of commitment for lingerie beginning with a pair of panties monthly and upward. Our goal is to make it easy for men and women to “gift” the other or themselves Spicy Kiki apparel.

4. Imagery is everything these days, especially with social media marketing. Have you noticed a difference in response between product shots versus editorial imagery?

Imagery is our passion. Personally we love the product shots provided by Seven ‘Til midnight. They are professional, give us credibility, and are super sexy. So far, the response we see: Product shots and videos are used as instructional imagery. aka – how does the product show on the model and what is “the intended” look. The editorial imagery is more realistic as Spicy Kiki does not photoshop our own models. Our viewers get the feel for the “look” and relate to our models for the most part. A trend we are seeing implemented successfully in apparel companies such as H&M and Free People. As an aside and since we are a start up- our models are our friends and they happily let our photographers shoot them in our samples, and thank us for the experience afterwards.

Seven ‘til Midnight Baby Got Curves 2016

Our most recent feature on The Lingerie Journal talks about our Baby Got Curves collection, which recently launched! Below is an excerpt from the article. Click here to read the full article!


Our new 2016 collection, Bohemian Rhapsody, was exhibited this January at the Paris shows, how was this collection received by those who attended? Across the board, from retailers to our customers, we had a very positive response to our 2016 Collection at the Paris Show. Folks were quite impressed by the variety of styles in our collection, from: hanging lingerie, packaged lingerie, cozy sleepwear, athletic wear, bedroom costumes, hosiery, accessories, and of course our Baby Got Curves collection. Everyone was buzzing with excitement about the news that we had launched our Baby Got Curves collection, with its very own catalogue this year.

The Baby Got Curves collection was launched as a separate catalogue after much demand from both retailers and customers for the last couple of years. With the extension of styles, we felt that the Baby Got Curves collection needed a dedicated catalogue. Providing this additional catalogue allows our plus size retailers to focus on the styles they really want to carry. It also allows us to start branding Baby Got Curves separately from Seven ‘til Midnight, giving its own brand identity.