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Your Wedding Night


wedding-night It’s wedding season, which means we’re all on Pinterest dreaming away of our perfect night. From the decor to the dress, we’re obsessed with all things wedding related but what about the after party? Not the reception, but the party that starts between you and your new beau when the night is all over.

While the honeymoon is still the highlight after the wedding, we want to make sure that your evening ends on the best note. Here are a few wedding night must-have styles we recommend, but who’s to say you have to stick to white?

For traditional sense, we listed our top 3 white designs that will sure add a little more oomph to your night. Happy Wedding!

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Feature Friday: Lynn C.

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From San Diego, CA, our feature Friday is Lynn C. Also known as @LovelyNNC on Instagram, with over 851K+ in following and we can see why. This stunning babe is originally from the Bay area, but has been crowned Miss HIN Honolulu and has been steadily growing since day one on Instagram. Don’t let that body fool you though, as she loves to eat just as much as we do!

From fashion to lingerie, Lynn does an amazing job at capturing everyone’s attention. She was featured on Super Street and Amped Asia. Her looks aren’t the only captivating thing about Lynn, as she is a full-time student and also volunteers over the weekend. She does it all!

Lynn is a fan of Seven ’til Midnight and we’re just as smitten with her. Here are our favorite shots of Lynn in some of our most popular styles.

Make sure to follow Lynn on Instagram.


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AdultEx’s 12th Year

ADULTEX, the 3-day tradeshow organized by Calvista, celebrated its 12th year and we cannot be more excited to celebrate! Showcasing the best new products, styles, and latest innovations, ADULTEX provides invited delegates a first-hand look at what’s new.

With exclusive discounts, guests of ADULTEX get to interact with brands and other retailers during the show. Seven ’til Midnight had the privilege to participate in this year’s fashion show, showcasing our hot 2016 Collection. Below are a few photos from the show, enjoy!



ADULTEX_2016_Fashion Show_202 ADULTEX_2016_Fashion Show_385 ADULTEX_2016_Fashion Show_324 ADULTEX_2016_Fashion Show_398 ADULTEX_2016_Fashion Show_412 ADULTEX_2016_Fashion Show_373
ADULTEX_2016_Fashion Show_237 ADULTEX_2016_Fashion Show_260 ADULTEX_2016_Fashion Show_338