Sleep In


Hit the snooze button a few more times, being late to work is worth it when you’re just this comfy. Our sleep sets are worth skipping work for, as you’ll never feel as good as you do in our sleepwear.

To wake up feeling more refreshed, here are three tips that are easy to follow and easier to do:

  1. Sleep earlier. Obvious right? But probably the hardest thing to do when we’re glued to our phones, computers, and Netflix. Shut off the phone, put it in airplane mode, and relax. Getting that 6 to 8 hours of sleep is going to help you significantly.



2. Room temperature. The best temperature to sleep in is actually around 65 degrees Fahrenheight, according to studies.



3. Exercise. Another thing that’s easier said than done, however, studies have shown that working out during the day will help you fall asleep faster at night so go sweat it out. The benefits are worth it!





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